Restaurant Reservations

We have a wide range of restaurants to offer: local restaurants with unique approach, Medieval taverns with the folk programme, eco restaurants that use only local products, fusion kitchen, some restaurants that practise to impress the guests with the special seasonal products that can be tasted only at the recommended restaurants. Due to the vivid and very distinct seasonality, local restaurants try to take the most of it by arranging the menu accordingly: cranberries in autumn, goat cheese in summer, rye bread in winter and rhubarbs in spring. Enjoy regionally inspired food made with the freshest ingredients.

Find your next culinary experience

16408676_mRiga has to offer a lot and a bit more, being the Delightfully Delicious Destination. It is a well known fact, that a restaurant is one of the most convenient places to organise a business meeting with partners since it is a wonderful combination of a deal and delight. Added to that, you can be an active participant and not only a passive gourmand. After experiencing the theoretical part, you will be offered to turn into chefs and to prepare a top dinner together with your colleagues, partners or friends.

Trendy or gastronomic restaurants, little local bistros and moreā€¦all the best tables in the world are on the list at Partnering Solution. The summer period has an extra service to offer and these are open roof terraces. You can have an amusing panorama view while having lunch. Terraces can host from 10 persons up to hundreds of persons depending on the theme and idea of the event. Since Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius are cosy cities, it is very popular to cover two or even three restaurants during your dinner: have a vitamin cocktail in one restaurant, then head to enjoy the starter and the main course at the Medieval restaurant with the candle lit and, finally, savour the dessert on the terrace with a breathtaking view on the roofs of the Old Town.

Wine & spirits

The Baltic countries are well known also for its wine studios where you can spend a cosy evening drinking a glass of a pleasant wine. The wine specialist shall answer all you questions, give you best tips on how to make your own wine cellar or make a special order for your special event. Wine tasting can be one of the inevitable parts of the event: as an educational session, teambuilding activity or simply as a start of a gala dinner.

That's why we offer great tasting, regionally inspired menus, including healthy options. Enjoy multiple courses, champagne and vintage wines, along with other cocktails and beverages.

Every aspect of your dining experience has been tuned to perfection.