Language is the key to successful and meaningful cooperation. The more we know the richer we become. English language has become an integral part of modern business world.

If communication with foreign partners via e-mails, phone or fax, as well as participation in the conferences and delivering reports and presentation is part of your every day work then Business English training is what you need.

Partnering Solution offers individual approach and various language teaching methods. By developing your skills of the English language, you will not only raise the efficiency of your enterprise; however, encourage and motivate the employees to extend partnering network of the company.

We offer:

  • Previous knowledge test (placement test)
  • Need’s analysis
  • Programme based on the needs and wishes of our costumers
  • Various materials and exercises
  • Individual approach
  • Nowadays teaching methods
  • Group works/dialogues/simulations/ role plays/presentations

English language programmes:

  • General English (Levels: Beginners - Advanced)
  • Business English (Levels: Intermediate and High-Intermediate)
  • Effective Presentations in English (Levels: High-Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Effective Communication in English (Levels: Lower-Intermediate - Advanced)

We are happy to offer consultations and assistance in preparation for the meetings, conferences and presentations.

Accept that learning more equals earning more.

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