Sporting Events

As a rule, sporting events are a highly impressive and visual. It is great fun to be the active participants and observers of these events. Partnering Solution has a wide range of sporting events and it includes several kinds of games to suit all participants. You are guaranteed the satisfaction of knowing you will have highly trained professional staff at your sporting event. Your company can easily learn to work together more effectively by learning to play together with our activities during the sporting events.

Why is it important to organise games and sporting activities?

It fosters and promotes:

  • Communication
  • Corporate identity
  • Collaboration
  • Time management
  • Leadership

Security is a top priority for us. Thus, we instruct the participants shortly before the beginning of the game or a sporting activity just to be sure that everyone is aware of the security rules. We have many new ideas, games, and innovative event solutions. Whether you require a full days team building, a half day, a couple of hours, or just a break during a conference.

There are different scenarios for the sporting event:  

  • Football
  • Beach Olympics
  • Team Olympics
  • Picnic Games
  • Off Road Driving
  • Corporate Golf
  • Regatta
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • Clay Shoots

This is a series of unique games that are designed with teamwork as a basis. The games can be a mix of athletic and non-athletic competitions.We customize your sporting event to your group, time frame and location.

Picnic Games

We can arrange the traditional events like Water Balloon Toss and Sack Racing, most of our games are team oriented that offer unique challenges. These do not rely on athletic ability, so they are great fun and entertainment for all.

Sand Castle Wars

The success depends only on the creativity and thorough strategy of your company. Each team has a challenge to build a strong sand castle that will withstand assault by a variety of weapons.


It is a fantastic sporting event that can be connected to the corporate identity: communication, teamwork, and flexibility. Since it is a real boat race, it is a particularly exciting event.

For more detailed information about the sporting events in the Baltics, please send us an e-mail: