Meetings & Conferences

Sometimes meetings and conferences require unusual settings, either to suit a particular theme or quite simply to create an unusual atmosphere. In any case, taking the group of people away from their usual surroundings should be a memorable experience – preferably with a touch of something extraordinary.

These days it is taken for granted that a destination must offer a good choice of quality hotels and meeting facilities. However, many customers are now also looking for alternatives to traditional facilities.

Destinations that can offer different and unique venues often attract the most interest.

In the Baltics, you will find facilities for every purpose, whether you wish to hold the actual meeting or 3823788_mconference in unusual and inspiring, surroundings or supplement your meeting with something special, such as a gala dinner, teambuilding activities or exceptional in an exceptional location.

Regardless the number of participants, we carefully plan and approach every meeting or a conference paying great attention to clients’ wishes and ideas. Even if it seems that a certain idea is not applicable due to various reasons, everything can be adopted and commensurate with the existing background.

Partnering Solution offers specialized, professional assistance and can provide the total package for your meeting and conferences, including transportation, accommodation and activities.

We offer:

  • Meeting rooms, business venues, technical equipment, conference halls, social vent arrangement, preparation of workshop agenda and seminars
  • Set up conference rooms, meeting rooms, catering arrangements, set up audio-visual equipment and preparing agenda.
  • Time management, courier & document preparation, booking events, travel arrangements, letter witting & general correspondence, office search and duties, office supplies and equipment, provision & support.

We look forward to welcoming you and your group by receiving a filled in form.