Incentives Events

12197768_mMotivation plays an important role in the daily decisions, actions, projects and, what is the most important, our success. There cannot be anything more successful and goal oriented when there is a right motivation. Regardless the number of employees in the office, only ten or a thousand, it is essential to incentivise especially those employees who were performing outstanding.

There is a number of ways how to say “thank you for cooperation and your contribution to a certain project” and it all depends on the policy of the company and the individual approach. Partnering Solution the whole aspect of the Incentive world – Incentive programs, gift cards, Incentive events in the Baltic countries.

Approaching the Incentive project, we point out the following aspects:

  • the previous experience of the group
  • common interests of the employees in general and individually
  • the budget of the company for the Incentive project

Thus, every Incentive event starts with a questionnaire that is given to the management and to the employees in order to get the maximum of the information and to cover all aspects because the main goal is to make the Incentive event unforgettable and memorable for the company. We have many products to offer: the feeling of nature, eco trips when a corporate company has a unique opportunity to contribute to our Mother Nature, SPA hotels with the calming yoga classes, tiny islands along the shore of the Baltic Sea, celebrating the culture during the Opera Backstage Tour, plunging into our traditions and arranging the pre-Midsummer celebrations.   It is our pleasure to take care of the event planning, arranging the entire organization of reservation and the coordination of the event.  We will help you in interpersonal communication and relations, encouragement of self-confidence and promotion of the relationship between the colleagues.

Pre-Midsummer celebrations

Since forests and lakes cover 40 % of Latvia, there are many open air museums. For instance, selecting the Jurmala open air museum and organizing a real celebration: singing folksongs, setting up the craft village where you will be an active participant, tasting local food and being deeply rooted in the local traditions.

Opera Tour

If it is about to amaze, then the Opera Backstage Tour is just the right thing to do. The overwhelming National Opera House will take to the adventurous tour going through the labyrinths of it, learning about the development of the history and some secrets of the Opera. Step on the main stage and feel yourself an Opera prima. The pinnacle of the tour is the private concert where the Opera diva will perform the most famous masterpieces. Unbelievable experience for an amazing Incentive event.

Experience the luxury

The Baltic countries are proud to be the land of manors, castles and palaces. It is so easy to fall in love with one of the romantic and historical manors. You can take riding lessons, take part in all possible excursions and activities. Organise the wine evening with a professional sommelier who will guide you into the world of wide.

Let the adrenaline, adventurous, exciting tours and trips happen.