General English

The General English language course is an integrated program for adults who are learning English as a foreign language. The aim of the program is to enable those who do not have sufficient English language skills to understand and use the language appropriately in social and professional settings. The program is suited for participants with all levels of initial knowledge of English. Teaching methods depend on the level of the course and your needs.

Business English

In case you already have basic English language skills and want to improve communication in English-speaking business environment, we offer a course in Business English. The course includes specific business vocabulary and business-related texts that help to develop proficiency in dealing with business correspondence (formal letters, e-mail, reports, brochures, presentations, etc.). In combination with the course, you are offered to practise and improve your presentation and communication skills.

Effective Presentations in English

The course is aimed at the improvement of the presentation skills involving your business environment and particular professional needs. Added to that, the following areas will be addressed during the course:

  • Creating presentations
  • Implementing graphs, tables, diagrams
  • Public speaking techniques
  • Addressing the audience
  • Handling unexpected situations

Effective Communication in English

This is a course for those who wish to be able to converse in the English language with confidence and ease in a variety of situations: in business and social settings, everyday and travelling cases. You will increase the fluency in speaking, expand your knowledge of vocabulary, and improve your pronunciation while participating in group works, simulations and discussions.